Captain Thunderbolt and His Lady

Allen & Unwin, 2011


Trade paperback

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  • What a well-written cracking read!
    Emeritus Professor Bruce Kercher, Macquarie University

  • Baxter's book reads like a novel as she peels back layers of long unchallenged folk tales.
    Newcastle Herald, Australia

  • This compelling book by historian Carol Baxter may be read at several levels. It is a valuable contribution to colonial history. It is a dramatic retelling of the saga of Fred Ward, or Captain Thunderbolt ... But more than that, the author has used her genealogical skills to rescue from the records the almost forgotten story of Mary Ann Bugg ... Carol Baxter has written an excellent study of life on both the geographical and the racial frontier of colonial society.
    Canberra Times, Australia

  • If you have a passion for Australian history, Carol Baxter ... has extensively researched this period of colonial development and written an engrossing account of the bushranger and the woman behind the man. Baxter's fresh insight into Aboriginal culture and their interaction with convicts and colonial government is fascinating ... This is the story of good crime fiction with action, slaughter, rough justice, robbery, betrayal and a couple who could ride like the wind and read the bush like no other.
    Manly Daily, Australia