Bank of Australia robbery
Breaking the Bank

Allen & Unwin, 2008


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  • Carol Baxter tells this amazing piece of Australia’s criminal history as a narrative rather than an academic text, making it extremely readable ... This is an historical piece that is as gripping as any modern true crime story ....
    Police Association Journal, Australia

  • One must admire the dogged perseverance of historical writers as they delve into Australia’s past and manage to come up with new takes on some fascinating aspects of our wild colonial days. Carol Baxter is a respected historian who in Breaking the Bank relates a true story that begs to be made into a movie.
    Courier Mail, Australia

  • A great story.
    Launceston Examiner, Australia

  • Colourful characters, daring deeds, crime and punishment, cruelty and compassion: Carol Baxter’s meticulously researched book has it all... Baxter brings long-dead people to life so vividly it’s hard to see why novelists and producers have overlooked the story... The precision of the writing, the controlled but graphic descriptions of people and events, engage sympathy and arouse anger. Breaking the Bank should be a contender for whatever Australian history prizes are going.
    Peter Corris, The Australian

  • Baxter [provides] a detailed description of an amazing bank robbery ... As a crime story and detection tale, Breaking the Bank is well worth reading. As a vehicle telling the tale of 180 years ago, it is precious history well presented.
    Waikato Times, New Zealand